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System Requirements provides access to a wealth of reliable and up-to-date travel information - on line - to anyone needing details of immigration requirements of any country in the world. Travel professionals such as airlines, passenger handling agents, visa-issuing offices, travel and government agencies welcome for the efficient and valuable service it provides. The databases of this real time system are updated throughout the day, whenever required. The user can access the information rapidly thanks to a minimum of graphics.

A practical and straightforward application guides the user through any of the four main menus. Along the lines of online TIMATIC (available through PCs connected to the SITA network), contains the unique Specific Database for accessing customised visa and health requirements for any country based on the passenger's nationality, passport type, embarkation, transit and/or destination points. Such elements as alien residency, government duty passports, and merchant seamen documents can also be taken into account. The Full Text Database, reflecting the text as it appears in the monthly Travel Information Manual (TIM), displays any country's entry requirements as a transit or destination point, either in full or by section (Geographical Information, Passport, Visa, Health, Tax, Customs, Currency, Stateless persons and refugees) and relevant subsections. The Miscellaneous Database contains, among other things, Terms & Definitions which may be encountered, ISO country codes, IATA city and airport codes, and lists of various infected and endemic areas. There is also a self-explanatory Help function for each Database.

The immigration information displayed on is collected from more than 200 countries through an extensive network of airlines, immigration authorities, the World Health Organization and other reliable sources.

TIM/TIMATIC B.V. is owned by 14 IATA airlines and is managed by IATA Netherlands. Since 1963 it has been the travel and airline industry's preferred supplier of passport and visa information. TIMATIC has been on line since 1983.